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WHO AM I? I love that question because it has been quite an evolution and journey to get to where I am today. I am an international public speaker, teacher, and educational consultant presenting workshops across Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. I have done many keynote sessions across Canada and Australia as well as the Super Conference in Vancouver, The Special Education Conference in Vancouver, the ATA conference in Edmonton as well as many district days and PD Days for specific schools. I am also involved in mentoring first and second year teachers in Northern Alberta for a First Nations Board which I absolutely love.
I graduated from the University of Calgary, Canada with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education and have completed my Masters of Learning Innovation from Queensland University of Technology. I have worked with youth at risk for over 15 years and have implemented early intervention and adolescent programs to assist students in transitioning into mainstream schooling.
I totally believe educators and caregivers being proactive and positive when working with youth is paramount in creating an atmosphere that encourages engagement and excitement for learning. Examining educator’s and caregivers reactions and ability to handle stressful situations in relation to children with challenging behavior can be powerful in creating a more positive environment.
My “Save Your Sanity” workshops concentrate on presenting those skills and strategies to increase resiliency in youth as well as providing specific strategies for educators and caregivers to decrease their stress levels and reactions to challenging situations. I am committed to providing workshops that are engaging, informative and motivating to all participants.
What else!! I am ALSO a triathlete, nutrition and wellness consultant, fitness guru, Isabody Finalist, and motivational speaker. I absolutely love to help people achieve not only their fitness goals but their transformation goals as well. When I talk about transformation, I want people to understand that transformations include a physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological change. It is not just about changing our bodies, it is also about changing our mindset. When we change our mind our bodies will follow. I have been there and know what it takes to succeed when things seem so difficult! What are the keys to making the best life possible? How can we change our mindset to help us reach our potential and desired happiness? Let me show you some key strategies to transform your mindset and transform your life!


"Before I met Colleen, I thought that this job wasn't for me, I had lost all the joy and passion for teaching. After the session, I regained all my confidence and took every single piece of advice to heart. It completely changed me and the way I teach. Now, I love to go to work! My students and I are having so much fun! We sing, we dance, we play and we are learning like never before. I had been so inspired that I took the session a second time and it was totally worth it! Colleen rocks and I left the room wanting to be her best friend! Thank for helping me fall in love with teaching again!"

Luiza - Manitoba

I have completed the Proactive Strategies for Children with Challenging Behaviour and would like a certificate for it. Thank you for providing this option online. This has been amazing.

Sue - Naniamo

"I wanted to say thank you for the fantastic workshop you gave. You were a fabulous presenter and I appreciated your knowledge, approach and energy."

"Hi Colleen. I think your course was one of the best I had been on. More useful than a lot of what I learned at University."

"You really inspired me and gave me hope that I'm on the right track with behavior management at our school."

"Thank you for coming to New Zealand and presenting a most stimulating and excellent presentation. We all commented that the day went far too quickly! I wish it could have been longer."

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and along with solidifying some of my ideas, you opened me up to more strategies to work with adolescents and adults at risk."

"I have just finished going through my notes from today's workshop: "proactive strategies for children with challenging behaviour" , and I would like to thank you for the most informative, most practical, and most engaging presentation ever. I can confidently say that ALL TEACHERS and or EDUCATORS will definitely benefit from your workshop. Thank you for your passion, not only on the content of your workshop, but passion for the children and the teacher/educators. Thank you for believing that all children and teacher/educators alike can grow to their fullest potential working hand in hand together. You are amazing! I can not wait to implement the strategies that I have now with my students in the classroom! THANK YOU!"

Kind regards